Vehicles Supported

OEM Tooling
*NEW* Mercedes Benz– Xentry Scan Tool
Acura and Honda– HDS with DST-I interface
Audi-ODIS w/ VAS interface
BMW– ISTA Diagnostics, ISTA Programming With ICOM A,B, and C

Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep-Witech2, DRB
Ford, Lincoln, Mercury– IDS
GM-Tech 2, GDS2, MDI2
Hyundai– GDS
Jaguar– IDS
Kia- KDS
Land Rover– IDS

On-Site Automotive Services
-Complete electrical diagnostics
Lexus– Techstream -SRS, ABS, ADAS, LKIS
Mazda– IDS -Collision avoidance calibrations
Nissan– Consult 3+ -Module programming
Saab– Tech 2, GDS2
Subaru– SSM3 and SSM4, DST-I interface
Toyota– Techstream
-Immobilizer resets
-Harness and connector repairs
Volkswagen– ODIS w/ VAS interface
Volvo– VIDA

Wiring and Harness Repairs
MLM Diagnostics can often times acquire new connector housings, terminals, etc and repair harnesses to like new condition. Some harness may be damaged or non-repairable; a consultation is recommended to determine if repairs can be made.

Pre and Post Vehicle Scans
With Almost all OEM’s requiring collision avoidance inspections during repairs, it is even more important to be using the proper tooling and procedures as outlined by the manufacturer. There is a lot of information that can and needs to be obtained to assure a vehicle is repaired properly after a collision. MLM Diagnostics will help determine the best solutions to assure these systems are calibrated correctly to help avoid hidden issues in the vehicle. SRS programming, seat weight sensor calibrations can all be setup with the factory equipment to OEM specifications. Following OEM procedures matters because DASH LIGHTS NO LONGER INDICATE FULL SYSTEM OPERATION!!! You MUST use an OEM scan tool and testing procedures to determine if a system is calibrated to factory specifications! MLM Diagnostics has the proper equipment to assure they are correct.

Diagnostic and Programming
With access to the OEM service info, calibration files and correct equipment, there is no question on the integrity of the repairs. Programmings will meet or exceed OEM recommendations resulting in a top notch repair.

Collision Avoidance Systems
Using ONLY OEM procedures and equipment, MLM Diagnostics can accurately calibrate ADAS, SRS, and other systems to current model year. We only used factory software, interfaces and targets to make sure these crucial components operate as designed.